[PATCH] macOS: noreturn.
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Rob Landley
2018-11-29 00:52:40 UTC
The macOS libc headers use `__attribute__((noreturn))` rather than
`__attribute__((__noreturn__))`, so toybox's `noreturn` macro trips them
up. Since we already have a variety of uses of `__attribute__` that
aren't guarded in this way, let's do the same here.
It was for compilers that didn't have attribute(__noreturn__) (the kernel did
this for really old gcc versions, and once upon a time I maintained a tinycc
fork...) but it looks like C11 added some variant of it as standard:


And I guess C11 has hit the 7 year support horizon from the FAQ. (First thing
I've found from C11 that might actually be worth depending on. Which would be a
syntax migration but there's no rush, pretty sure this is not our only gcc
extension and what's an interesting compiler that doesn't have those extensions?)


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