[Toybox] Test suite now has pending tests.
Rob Landley
2018-11-20 23:55:27 UTC
I realized I can use the executable bit to indicate "pending" status of tests,
so "VERBOSE=fail make tests" now passes the full list. Set TEST_ALL=1 to add
back in the failing tests.

This is only (currently) succeeding when run as a normal user, meaning a lot of
tests are skipped because not root. But it gives me a baseline to regression
test against and add things to...

This doesn't mean the tests that _are_ enabled don't need work. (Divya meant
well, but... if VERBOSE=fail exits the script early and you leave 5 backgrounded
"yes > /dev/null" instances running, that's not a good thing. Also you can get
false positives on pgrep -f looking for "yes", that needs some form of
containerization to run reliably. Also the module symbols in the ne2k driver
suffer from version skew when you upgrade your OS...)